Join me for our theme of Self-Compassion.

By learning to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion we can increase our contentment, emotional well-being, resilience, and courage.

Overview Video

So far in September’s Resources…

In Week One, I shared
• a 5-minute mindfulness meditation,
• an affirmation,
• a discount on working with me on the Self-Compassion book by Kristen Neff,
• a Find Your Path to Self-Compassion worksheet,
• a 31-minute guided meditation on Self-Compassion LovingKindness plus a talk related to the meditation,
• a talk on the Inner Critic and Self-Compassion,
• a segment on Writing Your Own Affirmation,
• a Mindful Chair Yoga 45-minute sequence

In Week Two, I shared
• Self-Compassion quote by Kristen Neff (I HIGHLY recommend her book)
• Thoughts on Forgiving Oneself,
• Find Your Path to Self-Compassion worksheet #2
• The discount on working with me on the Self-Compassion book by Kristen Neff is still available,
• An affirmation,
• A Talk on Acceptance,
• Three-Minute Breathing Space,
• The Meditation of Mindfulness 5-minute meditation,
• A Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety and Stress to listen and download

In Week Three, I shared

  • An affirmation
  • A post titled “Turning the Ship Around”
  • Monthly Challenge on Writing Your Own Affirmation
  • Heart Chakra Meditation to listen and download
  • Find Your Path to Self-Compassion Worksheet #3
  • A Talk on Opening Your Heart to Loving Kindness
  • Heart Chakra Yoga Sequence
  • Appreciate Yourself 5-minute meditation.

This week for Week Four, There will be more on being kind to ourselves and offering affection and understanding as well as the precious gift we can give ourselves as we bring this month to a close on Sunday. 

As a member, you will still have access to September’s offerings through November.

Enjoy this episode from my Meditation Pebbles Podcast.


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