As you may know, I am preparing for the retreat this weekend (October 5th-7th) so items will be a little behind schedule until I return. This month we will be embracing Well-Being.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “What Does Well-Being mean to me?”

Does it include:

  • your relationships (social)
  • your emotions (emotional)
  • your body (physical)
  • your thoughts (mental)
  • your finances (financial)
  • the environment (environmental)
  • your spirit (spiritual)

I would be interested to hear what well-being means to you, so feel free to comment below,

What influences Well-Being?

Basically, every aspect of your life influences your state of well-being. Researchers investigating happiness have found the following factors enhance an individuals well-being.

  • an enjoyable and fulfilling career
  • adequate money
  • regular exercise
  • a balanced diet (food and water)
  • sufficient sleep
  • an intimate relationship with a partner
  • a network of close friends
  • a sense of belonging
  • the ability to adapt to change
  • a safe physical environment (home and environmental)
  • a sense of purpose and meaning
  • all of the above factors are interrelated.

What do you think about these influences? Do you recognize any within yourself? Would you add anything to this list?

This Month

This month we’ll also be focused on the Sacral Chakra. It is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, intimacy, and connection. 

I’ll include another Chair Yoga and a Mindful Yoga sequence, meditations, particularly mindfulness practices, worksheets, and the like as we embark on the journey into Well-Being. I’d love to hear your thoughts along the way.




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