One part of our Well-Being practice is establishing healthy boundaries. This meditation will assist you in doing so.

Living without healthy boundaries deprives us of our dignity, is destructive to relationships, and keeps us from fulfilling ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Like a broken fence, there are two sides to unhealthy personal boundaries. On one side is the pattern of disrespecting personal space, taking advantage of others, and being abusive. On the other is allowing oneself to be disrespected, taken advantage of or abused; and deliberately doing things for others that are the other person’s responsibility to do for themselves.

This meditation focuses on the second side of the issue, and can be helpful for those who tend to be abused or taken unfair advantage of, who tend to give too much, and who in general tend to be a doormat for others. Developing healthy boundaries may require some “personal space 

housekeeping.” It may be time to change who you allow into your life, or stop giving others all the time or attention they’ve come to expect from you. Use this guided meditation to learn what changes you need to make. Then, if you’re willing to put forth the effort, you can make a shift, establish good healthy boundaries, and enjoy the freedom in life they make possible.

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