Ritual for Abundance

This is a ritual for abundance, clarity, and awakening relationships of support. Create an intention during your preparation for this practice and see how things unfold before, during, and after the ritual.

Find a quiet, calm space for your ritual. Light a candle. Fill three small bowls with a symbol of what you’d like to offer. The best offerings are emotional states, aspirations and fears. You can choose your own symbolic offerings or use the following as a guide.

Fill a bowl with water and a drop of perfume or flower essential oil, or fruit to symbolize sweetness.

Fill another with red wine, raw meat, or chocolate to offer up your passion.

The third bowl can be filled with rice or milk to symbolize nourishment.

Take a comfortable cross-legged seat in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted.

Speak these words silently ~ I make this offering so that life may burn more brightly in me.

Offer up your dreams, fears, and wishes of all kinds now. See it. Be specific. Offer up who you are, what you want, and what you have.

What do you notice? What happens when you offer?

Continue with this mantra for ten minutes. Rest in the space for another ten minutes.

In this ritual, you are connecting to the unseen, the unknown, and the abandoned. Your offerings are received with love. Remain open throughout the day to see how your relationships unfold.


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