Theme: Self-Compassion & Loving Ourselves

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There is no fee, but you can make a donation to support my work and to help me to pay my rent and expenses for my meditation studio that is closed due to the Coronavirus.

Taking time to relax every day, spending quality time with friends, and practicing mindfulness are some of the tried and tested ways of developing self-compassion.
~ Dr Prem Jagyasi

This Week’s Live Classes and Meditations – All Recorded for Your Future Use
Also Daily 5-Minute Meditations

Sunday – Peace Meditation Circle – Via Zoom Conferencing
Monday – Mindfulness Meditation for Self-Compassion Class – Via Zoom Conferencing
Tuesday – Sit & Be Fit Yoga Class – Via Livestream
Wednesday – Inspirational Talk “Self-Compassion & Loving Ourselves” – Video
Thursday – Restorative Yoga – Video


It is important that we continue to support ourselves with practices that will calm, soothe, and relax us. Many mind, body and spirit modalities will do this. We need equanimity more now than ever.

I am committed to offering you continued support to help ease any stress and anxiety that you may feel.

To support my students and clients from all over the country during this pandemic, I am offering various Mind-Body-Spirit online classes throughout the week. These will include meditation instruction, gentle and chair yoga, peaceful wellness, an inspirational talk, Raise Your Vibration meditation and more.

Some of these will be live streamed, some through Zoom and interactive, and I will record others in advance. Some may be an audio meditation I have recorded that you can use.

You will have access to all recordings from all sessions for as long as you like.

Take a look at the curriculum tab above to see what classes and meditations are included this week.

There is no fee, but you can make a donation to support my work and to help me to pay my rent and expenses for my meditation studio.

You will have FREE access to all 7 days of classes and meditations and the recordings that I will do this week. You can keep accessing the recordings for as long as you like!

**Your donation helps to support my mind-body-spirit studio rent and my expenses during its closure due to COVID-19.**

Individually, these classes are usually $10-$15 per session.

This program will be taken on a week by week basis depending on how this Coronavirus situation continues to unfold.

Thank you for your support.

Your feedback is most welcome.


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