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When you subscribe to my Steps to Inner Peace” monthly program, every month, you’ll get a new assortment of online resources based on enlightening themes like Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Opening Your Heart, Self-Care, Dealing with Emotions, Accepting Miracles, Bringing More Lightness into Your Life, and more: 

    • monthly theme where I share my thoughts and inspiration 
    • Meditation instruction and a Mindful Yoga or Chair Yoga practice videos from 5-45 minutes 
    • Writings and video talks related to this month’s theme 
    • Access to the month’s challenge (mindfulness, a photo challenge, different every month depending on the theme) 
    • Guided meditation audio recording with a visualization, breathwork or mindfulness  
    • Worksheets and reflection journal prompts to deepen your learning 
    • 35% Discount on attending my in-person or conference call book study groups. The first one is on Self-Compassion!  (Discount is only good on my classes through Meditation Stepping Stones or Meditate Madison Studio)
    • 35% Discount on attending my meditation or mindfulness online or in-person classes. (Discount is only good on my classes through Meditation Stepping Stones or Meditate Madison Studio)
    • 35% Discount on Meditation, Mindfulness, or Spiritual Life Coaching  
  • Inspirational quotes that you can share set as your desktop image or phone image. Or, you can share on Facebook and Instagram. 

Because we learn better by sharing with others in the community, you’ll also have access to a members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions, compare notes with other members, and talk directly to me about your practice. From time to time, the community will all join in for live webinars, meditations, and other practices for each theme! 

I look forward to joining with you on our journey to peace!

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Deb Phelps, C.MI., RYT has extensive knowledge through almost 40 years of personal experience, certifications, and training. She has participated in 1000’s of hours of meditation with groups and individuals. She is also a spiritual teacher and minister for over 25 years. Additionally, for over 22 years she has been a yoga practitioner and is a Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Mindful Yoga and Chair Yoga. She is also a Laughter Wellness Facilitator. She is dedicated to assisting you in your personal meditation and mindful living goals. 

Deb has produced podcasts, videos, writings, and books for many years. Many know her gentle meditative voice, her fresh and natural style, her sense of humor, and her practical teaching.


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Note to those who are ACIM students: This program is intended for a general audience so I will be using more broad terms and using universal topics and materials that appeal to all. If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly.